25+ Sunday Positive Affirmations For The Week Ahead

Getting ready for the new week ahead? Start with Sunday affirmations! Here are some Sunday affirmations you can use to start the week.

Isn’t this the most amazing part of the week? Sunday is a day for unwinding, daydreaming, becoming your best self, and recharging your batteries in preparation for the upcoming week. So, why not add a twist of affirmations to it?

Sundays, on the other hand, can also be stressful.

Because Monday is right around the corner, it’s easy to slide into self-doubt or pessimism on Sundays, but affirmations can help you adjust your perspective for the week ahead.

Positive Sunday Affirmations

Positive Sunday Affirmations
  • I am sufficient in my own right.
  • It’s a new beginning.
  • Doing hard things is something I’m capable of accomplishing.
  • It’s appropriate to prioritize my own needs from time to time.
  • Even on the worst of days, I’m thankful for my life.
  • If people rely on me, that’s great with me.
  • There are many things that I am thankful for in my life.
  • Because I am who I am, it’s a blessing.
  • A life of love, happiness, gratitude, and tranquility is what I want for myself and my loved ones.
  • My body is entitled to a long and happy life.
  • I’m alive and well.
  • I have a heartbeat.
  • I’m proud of myself.
  • It’s Sunday, and I’m in heaven.
  • I have a purpose and a meaning in my life.

Sunday Morning Affirmations

The early hours of the morning are a period of transformation. In the midst of preparing for another day of living our best lives, it is the ideal time to make intentions and practice self-love.

I hope you have a good time with me this Sunday morning as we say these affirmations.

Sunday Morning Affirmations
  • I’m going to treat myself to something pleasant today.
  • Sundays are MY day off.
  • I can’t wait for today!
  • A new day of light and love greets me as I open my eyes.
  • I choose to heal for my heart, mind, body, and spirit today and every day.
  • So today is going to be a productive one for me.
  • I let love fill me and direct my every move.
  • I exude a sense of positivity.
  • I’ve made a conscious decision to improve upon the day I chose to make yesterday.
  • My hard work has finally paid off, so I’m taking a day off today!

Sunday Night Affirmations

I don’t know about you, but I adore Sunday nights.

This evening is the final opportunity to spend time with friends and family before returning to work or school on Monday morning.

Additionally, if you’re anything like me, this is your favorite time of the week to catch up on new television shows!

While we all appreciate this day of rest, Sunday nights can be difficult at times. However, there is one thing that might dispel these fears: affirmation.

Therefore, here are ten Sunday night affirmations to repeat to yourself before bedtime after watching your favorite television show!

  • I’m thankful for all that I have, and I’m looking forward to the future.
  • Before I may flourish, I must first feed my soul.
  • Whatever this week throws at me, I’m ready for it.
  • My week begins tomorrow, and I’m ready to go.
  • Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week, and I can finally get back to working toward my aspirations.
  • Doing hard tasks is something I’m capable of doing.
  • A quiet weekend is exactly what I needed.
  • Because of my inner sturdiness and bravery, I can face anything.
  • I’m done with the day, and I’m going to let it go.
  • Future growth is within my reach.

New Week Affirmations

  • This week is going to be incredible.
  • Mondays are one of my favorite days of the week!
  • Recharging and prepping for the following week will be my priority.
  • The sky’s the limit for me.
  • I will not give up on myself or others today, even if it seems impossible.
  • My favorite day of the week is Monday morning.
  • For a new week and a fresh start, I’m thankful.
  • Throughout the week, I will accomplish all of my goals.
  • I’m eager to get the new week underway in a positive frame of mind.
  • I’m getting rid of my inhibitions and allowing myself to be reborn.


Practicing these Sunday affirmations can help you have a productive week ahead of you. Waiting until Sunday is a waste of time!

In addition, the best time to recite them is in the morning and at night.

If this is something you’ve never heard of, we highly recommend giving it a try and seeing how much more productive your week may be!