Solve Your Problems With The Help Of Meditation

Solve Your Problems With The Help Of Meditation

Can meditation solve your life problems? Of course it can! With the proper execution, meditation can surely help you find the answers.

Do you wish to tap into a part of yourself that provides inner guidance? Are you having a situation or problems that needs thorough analysis and consideration? Do you want to make the best decision possible?

The goal is to connect with a deeper part of yourself, which is linked to a self-aspect known as psycho-spiritualism. That’s a ten-dollar word for the fusion of psychology and spirituality.

Is it all woo-woo? I’ll leave everything up to you. All that is truly required to carry out this meditation is a desire for answers and an open mind.

In six steps, here’s how you do the meditation. This meditation can take up to fifteen minutes.

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1. Take a deeper look at your problems

Write down a word or phrase that represents the topic you want to get inner counsel from your heart. The shorter the sentence, the better.

For instance, “I’m unsure whether I should resign from my current work and accept the position at the new company. How should I proceed?”

We can say that Job is the main problem from this question.

Make a note of the word or phrase on a piece of paper. Turn the piece of paper over and set it down, knowing that in just a few minutes, a part of you will connect with higher knowledge to solve your problems.

Solve Your Problems With The Help Of Meditation

2. Start your routine

Find a quiet, comfortable spot to sit or lie down. Your living room floor, a favorite chair, or even your bed are all examples.

Make an effort to keep distractions and problems to a minimum. This includes checking your smartphone to ensure it is turned off and turning down the volume on your tablet or laptop.

Concentrate on your breathing to help you clear your mind. Take note of how your chest rises and falls with each inhales and expiration.

  • Say clarity to yourself every time you take a breath in.
  • Say the word peace every time you breathe.
  • Feel your body relaxing more and more.
  • It’s okay if your mind wanders because that’s what minds do. Simply return your concentration to your breathing.

Continue these techniques for three to five minutes, or until your body is completely relaxed.

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3. Access your inner peace

Now that you’re feeling calm and comfortable, consider going to an even more serene location – real or imagined. This could be a beach, the woods, a meadow, or even an alien setting.

Whatever your imagination creates, make it a safe haven for you to be entirely yourself, free of any constraints, problems, or expectations. You could be shocked where you end up. Don’t pass judgment. Rather, just accept what you see.

  • You may or may not recognize the visuals.
  • Wherever you are, it could be a temporary location.
  • Find a space in this setting where you may sit and relax, whether indoors or outside.
  • Take in the colors, sounds, smells, and atmosphere.
  • Recognize that this is your own exclusive safe area.

You have gained entry to your inner refuge. It is a secure area that only you have access to.

Solve Your Problems With The Help Of Meditation

4. accept the solution

Imagine your piece of paper (the one you wrote anything on) softly floating down from above and landing in front of you as you remain relaxed and tranquil in this secure area.

Consider the problems again in your mind’s eye. Feel the tranquil energy of your inner sanctuary and embrace your distress.

  • Pick up the piece of paper with your hand.
  • Hold it in your palms and lift it up.
  • Trust that you will receive guidance from your heart in a few moments.
  • You may feel a warm sensation across your entire body. This is quite normal. It’s fine if you don’t feel this warmth.

Take note of how the paper feels in your hands. Is it light or heavy in weight? Simply take note of the answer.

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5. Receive the heart’s answer

Ask your heart for a smart and compassionate response to your problem as you relax in your sanctuary. Allow yourself to access this type of spiritual instruction.

  • Accept any vision you encounter as an honored visitor.
  • Take notice of the shape, texture, color, figure, and size of the object.
  • Feel the traits embodied by this image.
  • What information does it want you to know about your problems?
  • How do you experience the presence of your heart’s good counsel?

Allow yourself to remain with whatever message you hear for a minute. Recognize the message for what it is and accept the answer as it comes.

Solve Your Problems With The Help Of Meditation

6. give thanks

Thank your heart for its direction when it feels correct. Allow the visual you’ve seen to fade away, much like an electronic image gradually losing its pixelation piece by piece.

Your heart’s wisdom, like water, can be transported from one place to the next. Consider this understanding to be a conduit for your awareness.

It is now time to return to the present moment.

  • Return your attention to your breathing.
  • As you inhale and exhale, become more aware of your body.
  • Allow yourself to adjust to your new surroundings.
  • Open your eyes, feeling rejuvenated and tranquil, and confident that the response you’ve got from your heart is correct.

It is perfectly fine if a part of you wants to continue resting. When it feels correct, get up.

Wrap Up

This meditation will be most beneficial when your heart’s sensible advice directs your daily life experience. Allow the wisdom and problems solution you have received to integrate into your person over the next few hours or days by taking practical activities that turn insight into action.

Some people find it useful to jot down certain words or phrases that spring to mind and then return to them after some thought. The replies from the heart aren’t always literal. They appear instead through metaphor or allegory. As part of the dynamic, use your intuitive senses.

Keep in mind that meditation is both a skill and an art form. Give yourself plenty of time to practice this exercise. Pay close attention to the visuals you see and consider what it is attempting to convey.