How to Use Affirmations

30+ Affirmations for Self-Worth to Love Yourself More

You are worthy and you always need to remember that. But, it’s a tough one to believe, right? Here are some affirmations to help you.

Our self-worth is decided only by our view of ourselves and our inner power, not by our appearance, social standing, previous deeds, or the judgments of others. However, many people are excessively hard on themselves, suffering from poor self-esteem and the consequences that keep them from being happy and successful.

This is why methods like affirmations for self-worth are so effective. They can assist you in achieving inner peace and learning to value yourself. This post will explain affirmations and how they operate, as well as give you 50+ positive affirmation examples to increase your self-esteem.

Why Are Affirmations Necessary for Self-Worth?

Self-worth worries people of all ages, genders, and origins. Low self-worth comprises criticizing your actions and dismissing your achievements and abilities. Unconfident people dismiss compliments and compare themselves negatively.

70% of young girls skip social activities because they feel ugly, says Brands in Action. Dr. Joe Rubino says 85% of the world has self-worth issues.

Insecurity isn’t low self-esteem. In extreme cases, it might cause depression or suicidal thoughts. Mental disease causes low self-worth.

Low self-worth is always a concern, even if it doesn’t induce depression or worry. Insecurity might prevent you from establishing friends, finding a partner, or achieving your goals. Self-esteem issues require action.

Each circumstance requires a different approach. If trauma or mental illness causes low self-esteem, counseling may assist. Most persons with poor self-esteem can use affirmations. Affirmations can improve patients’ attitudes between sessions.

Positive affirmations help you discard negative thoughts. It boosts self-esteem, mood, and life quality. Affirmations can be customized.

You may be doubtful that affirmations can help mental and emotional problems until you try them. Science supports affirmations.

Affirmations take time. Consider exercising a new beneficial habit; benefits won’t be immediate. More exercise is better. Affirmations. Cohen and Sherman’s “Psychology of Change: Self-Affirmation and Social Psychological Intervention” linked affirmations to self-identity.

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Affirmations don’t help with health or money. Affirmations won’t make you rich, change your appearance, or replace mental health care. They can help you overcome anxiety and low self-worth, think positively, understand your best traits, and believe in your talents. Affirmations may ease headaches, insomnia, or pain since mental and physical health are related.

You Are Worthy

As a person, you are deserving of admiration, admiration, and affection. True joy, freedom, and contentment are all yours for the taking. The present and the future belong to you. You deserve to have the life you’ve always wanted.


In order to be worthy, you do not need to earn it.

Your value as a person is not tied to your professional or personal accomplishments.

In order to be worthwhile, you don’t need the approval of others.

The number on the label of your trousers has no bearing on your worthiness.

The fact that you received the job does not establish your value.

Your worthiness can never be measured by a test score.

Being in a relationship doesn’t make you more or less valuable, and being single doesn’t make you less valuable either.

Is it possible to become worthy?

In order to be worthy, you don’t have to wait.

Because of your inherent worth as a human being in the present now, there is no reason for you to wait to be recognized as such in the future. No one will ever be able to take it from you.

Throughout this site, I hope to demonstrate to you how powerful you truly are. You are deserving of permanent happiness, and you possess the inner resources necessary to bring your dreams to fruition. There are no losers in your successes, and you should celebrate them. There can be only one outcome: expansion. Only a handful of chances. Only one thing can fill my heart: love.

Do affirmations really work for self worth?

Affirmations do work, if you want them to and are patient.

Here’s the problem with utilizing affirmations to change your mind and/or your surroundings in general: It takes time for them to work. You can’t expect to live a completely new life by repeating affirmations to yourself once a week.

Affirmations, on the other hand, can and will work with consistency and tenacity.

“When appropriately crafted, affirmations can counterbalance some of our negative beliefs and habits, harmonizing with alpha brain waves and enabling us to gain empowerment,” according to Psychology Today.

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When discussing self-affirmation theory, Positive Psychology makes an important point about utilizing affirmations for self-esteem: If you want to increase your self-confidence with affirmations, your affirmations must match your basic personal values.

Speak affirmations about things that are essential to you, things that you believe are pure, good, and vital. Otherwise, it’s pointless to try to change your reality to accommodate something that doesn’t correspond to your desires or strengths.

The idea is to make the affirmations specific to you, your abilities, and your goals. Affirmations should not be repeated only to say you did them!

How to make positive affirmations for self worth:

1: Make them unique to you.

  • Make a list of your goals for yourself, your thinking, and your life.
  • Make them as specific as you can! They will be more effective if you are more explicit.

2: Make a list of them.

  • Make a note of them in a journal or on a post-it note.
  • Place it in an area where you will see it every day.

3: Say it aloud.

  • Begin by speaking your affirmations aloud for 5 minutes every day.
  • You can say your affirmations at any time of the day, but I recommend doing it first thing in the morning to get your day started on a positive note.
  • In front of a mirror, try speaking the affirmations aloud to yourself. So it’s as if you’re conversing with yourself.
  • Take more and more time to recite your affirmations, until you’re speaking them for 5 minutes in the morning, at noon, and before bed.
  • Consider meditating on your affirmations. While uttering them, concentrate on your breathing.

4: Maintain consistency.

  • Affirmations take time to work. Remember, they are not magical spells that can erase all of your negative thoughts and feelings about yourself.
  • You’re retraining your brain and increasing your energy so that you may be more positive and kind to yourself. That needs time.

Why do people have low self-esteem?

There are numerous reasons why people like you and me battle with our self-esteem and self-worth.

Our sentiments of poor self-esteem are frequently caused by comparing ourselves to others, false realities and false beliefs, unrealistic expectations for ourselves, and traumatic past events that we now feel.

These problems can all be overcome, but we must be prepared to confront the things that cause us to doubt ourselves, as well as put in the time and effort required to do so.

Self-affirmations are one technique to accomplish this.

And now, here are affirmations for self-worth and confidence that you may use, modify, or be inspired by to make your own. Personalize your affirmations and align them with your specific goals.

Affirmations for Self Confidence

  1. I am deserving of affection.
  2. I am deserving of happiness.
  3. No matter what other people think, I am at peace with myself.
  4. Every nice thing that comes my way, I’m entitled to.
  5. You can’t put a price on my happiness right now.
  6. My self-belief is not influenced by what others think of me.
  7. What other people think of me has no bearing on my self-worth.
  8. Every day, I take advantage of fresh opportunities to enrich my life.
  9. I appreciate everything my body does for me.
  10. No longer can I be held back by my past faults.
  11. I am now free to pursue the life of my dreams.
  12. The individuals in my life show their admiration and affection for me in so many ways.
  13. There are no prerequisites or accomplishments required for me to be considered extraordinary – I just happen to be me.
  14. It’s a wonderful pleasure to be oneself.
  15. People that are around me can draw strength and inspiration from the qualities I possess.
  16. When I enter a room, my positive and uplifting energy immediately alters the environment.
  17. A person’s actions and reactions are entirely within their own control.
  18. I forgive anybody who has ever made me feel unloved, wounded, or judged because of their words or actions.
  19. I let go of people who drain my energy and replace them with those that uplift and inspire me.
  20. I’m sorry for the decisions I made in the past.
  21. I’m not the same person I used to be; I’m constantly evolving and improving.
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Affirmations for Self-Worth

  1. Just like anyone else, I am deserving of respect.
  2. I believe that my future is bright.
  3. For the sake of my happiness and well-being, I deserve to be adored and appreciated.
  4. Thankful for my past, content in the present, and excited for the future.
  5. I’m a hard-working employee, and I deserve a vacation.
  6. There are individuals I care about in my life who love me back.
  7. Nobody needs to know that I’m a wonderful guy.
  8. My pals know that I’m a great person to be around.
  9. Regardless of what someone else thinks, I am gorgeous in my own right.
  10. I am entitled to enjoy myself in this life.
  11. I’ve come to terms with my mistakes and failings in the past.
  12. Law of Attraction Affirmations for Self Love | Law of Attraction Affirmations for Confidence and Success | Self Esteem Affirmations Pdf | I am at peace with my past shortcomings and faults.
  13. There is no need for me to improve myself.
  14. I can do everything I set my mind to, and I have everything I need to get there.
  15. With my body and mind, I am at ease with my surroundings.
  16. This is an exciting time in my life, full of new experiences.
  17. I accept myself and those around me unconditionally.
  18. Every day, I learn and adapt to new situations.
  19. Every day, I grow as a person.
  20. In both my own blunders and those of others, I’m always learning something new.
  21. It’s a wonderful world, and I’m grateful to be here with you today.
  22. People enjoy chatting with me because I am both intelligent and amusing.

How to write your own affirmations for self-worth and self-confidence:

  • Make a list of your insecurities and concerns.
  • Rewrite your doubts and worries as neutral sentences.
  • Positively rewrite those neutral statements.


  • “People don’t like me,” says the fear.
  • “People have views about me that I can’t control,” says the neutral remark.
  • Positive affirmation: “The perceptions of others have no bearing on my self-esteem.”

Try making printable cards on Canva for a unique way to view your affirmations every day! This is a wonderful way to have your affirmations right in front of your face while also generating some gorgeous wall art to beautify your home! You may create a free Canva account and begin working on your own designs. It’s simple, and you don’t have to be a “graphic design artist” to create some lovely graphics.

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Do you have trouble speaking/believing self-confidence affirmations?

Perhaps expressing self-esteem affirmations aloud to oneself seems strange.

Do you have a silly feeling? Do you think you sound arrogant for speaking so highly of yourself? Or maybe you feel like you’re just lying to yourself about things you don’t yet believe to be true.

All of these are natural feelings and thoughts, especially when you’re just starting started! But you must remember why you are doing this.

You want to love yourself completely. You want to think good, loving ideas about yourself. But it’s okay if you haven’t arrived yet. You are not deceiving yourself; rather, you are re-training yourself! And you’re projecting positive energy into the environment. You are challenging the negative within yourself in order to make the required changes.

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it, beautiful! You now know how to write your own self-esteem affirmations, have some practical advice for making them more successful, and a plethora of affirmations to practice and create your own.

Remember that, pal. Take your time. It takes time to learn how to retrain your mind. Especially when it comes to perceiving and knowing your own worth. It’s fine if you don’t become the Queen of Self Love after the first day or even the first month of affirmations.

My suggestion is to persevere. And experiment with what works best for you! You could find that writing your affirmations on sticky notes and sticking them to your bathroom mirror helps you remember them. Alternatively, if you journal every evening before bed, then writing your affirmations and speaking them to yourself in bed will work best for you. Everyone is unique, and there is no “correct way.”

That being stated, I would strongly advise you to speak your affirmations aloud. Because your words contain energy and power, it is critical to speak words and make declarations of positive.

Now take some time to sit quietly and observe the thoughts that are passing through your head. Where do you need to boost your self-esteem? In what areas do you have doubts about yourself? Use the procedures outlined above to transform your negative thoughts into powerful mantras. Use them to empower yourself and verbally remind yourself how amazing you are.