Raven Method: How To Shift To Your DR With Simple Steps

Raven Method: How To Shift To Your DR With Simple Steps

The raven method is probably one of the famous shifting methods and you can do it easily. Here’s how you can!

For a good reason, the Raven Method is one of the most popular reality-shifting techniques. It’s not challenging, but you must maintain calm and avoid getting sidetracked. It quickly became a TikTok sensation, with millions of views and users citing its efficacy in changing.

It also works well with other shifting methods like the Julia, Pillow, or Alice in Wonderland Method. Perhaps you’ve heard of this strategy, but you’re not sure what it is. Allow me to explain.

The Raven Method is a shifting technique that incorporates the starfish position and shifting affirmations while you meditate on your preferred world. In this essay, I will go through the Raven Shifting Method in further detail and the procedures you must take to try it out. I will also address the common notion that the Raven method is unsafe.

What is the Raven Shifting Method?

The Raven Shifting Method is a common reality-shifting technique that can be used to both mentally visit and generate the reality you wish.

Methods for mentally traveling from your Current Reality (CR) to your Desired/Dream Reality are known as reality-shifting methods (DR). From my perspective, even if you only use the Raven Shifting Method to visit the desired reality mentally, this might eventually become your current reality – as long as it is compatible with this 3D world, we live in.

If you’re mentally visiting Hogwarts, as many Harry Potter fans do, you might not see any results right away because it’s not possible. You can, however, psychologically appreciate your visits to Hogwarts if they bring you delight and satisfaction. Just be careful not to confuse your worlds.

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Because I am aware of the power of the human mind, I believe that anything you picture can quickly become a reality. If a person visualizes something with faith and intent, they can attract it into their lives.

Suppose you desire to switch to a different reality, where you are healthy and abundant. In that case, you can utilize your power of intent in conjunction with a Reality-Shifting Method to bring your Dream Reality into your current one. You might also try using these Reality Shifting Visualizations during a New Moon since the energies of the New Moon can assist you in manifesting anything faster and sooner.

Who Should Use This Reality-Shifting Method

Who Should Use This Reality-Shifting Method
Who Should Use This Reality-Shifting Method

The Raven Method is straightforward to grasp. It’s also a fantastic starting point for a variety of strategies.

The following are the ideal applications for this method:

  • Beginners, sometimes known as “baby shifters.”
  • Over time, gradually transition to your DR.
  • Shifters who are still developing their script.
  • If your present method isn’t working and you’d like to try something new.

Even if you do not fit into any of these categories, you can test this strategy to see whether it works for you.

Preparing to Shift with the Raven Method

Do you want to boost your chances of reality shifting with the Raven Method? Then there are critical steps you must take to secure your success. Some of these steps are required, while others are optional but highly encouraged.

Make Sure You’re Exhausted.

The Raven Shifting Method necessitates that you sleep. As a result, if you are not the type of person who can fall asleep at any time, anywhere, you must ensure you are weary.

This may include getting up early on the day you intend to use the Raven Shifting Method or performing some physical exercise beforehand. The goal is to be exhausted enough to fall asleep through meditation and to be in the correct frame of mind to transform your reality.

Choose up to Ten Shifting Affirmations.

For the Raven Method, you will need to use shifting affirmations. Shifting affirmations are positive phrases that assist you in focusing on your ideal reality and shifting realities.

If you’re starting off, I recommend starting with 2 or 3 affirmations, but no more than 10. This way, you won’t have to memorize as much and can start using this strategy immediately. You can make your shifting affirmations or look through this shifting affirmation list for some ideas.

Select your Primary Shifting Location.

To shift, you must first find a suitable location. Your Primary Shifting Location (PSL) is where you will consistently shift most or all of the time.

A consistent area to change is good since it encourages simplicity and repetition, two pillars of constant shifting and strengthening your shifting ability. I strongly advise selecting a PSL that meets the following criteria as nearly as possible:

  • Quiet.
  • A relaxing place to sit or sleep.
  • Private.
  • There is no disruption.
  • Safe.
  • Dependable access.

There’s no need to overthink this! Many shifters select a bedroom.

Muscles Should be Relaxed.

After turning on the meditation music or subliminal messaging and assuming the starfish position, begin relaxing your muscles one by one, just like you would before any meditation.

Begin relaxing your muscles from the top of your head, then move on to your face, shoulders, and down to the tips of your toes. Allow your body to soften and relax as you visualize and feel each muscle relax. Concentrate on your breathing and let all negative energy exit your body. Clear your mind of thoughts and devote your full concentration to the Reality-Shifting procedure.

Make a Shifting Script.

Make a Shifting Script.
Make a Shifting Script.

Having a script for the Raven Approach or any other reality-shifting method is vital. This is because it assists you in creating your DR, keeps your DR facts organized and clear, and protects your safety there. Do you lack a script or are struggling to write one? Not to worry! You can view a changing script guide by clicking on this link.

Use Earphones or Headphones to Listen to your Subliminals.

If you find that subliminal or other audios, such as theta waves and ASMR, benefit you, make sure you have an audio player and earphones or headphones to listen to them.

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Easy Steps to do the Raven Method

My success suggestion here is to use the Raven approach when you’re completely exhausted. As described in the stages below, you can accomplish this by practicing yoga or meditating. Let’s get this party started.

5-10 Minutes of Meditation.

I recommend meditating to cleanse your mind before attempting any strategy. When it comes to shifting, meditation is crucial since it elevates your vibration, calms you down, and clears your thoughts, allowing you to shift smoothly.

You should be exhausted from the Raven method, so meditate for 10 minutes, relax, and get ready. If you want to change your reality, you should give it a try. They also provide a free trial of their premium membership!

While Listening to Subliminal, Lie in a Starfish Position.

After you’ve relaxed your body and thoughts, proceed to the third stage. Go somewhere you won’t be distracted, such as your bed with a closed door. Maintain an optimistic attitude.

You lie in bed in a starfish position, making sure your limbs don’t touch, listening to subliminal messages. Make sure you’re comfortable in this posture because it’s critical not to move.

Begin Counting From 1 to 100.

When you’re ready, carefully count from one to one hundred in your thoughts, stating positive shifting affirmations like “I am shifting,” “shifting is easy,” “I am home,” and “I have shifted” in between each number.

While counting, visualize your preferred reality, including where you’ll wake up, what your room will look like when you wake up, where you are, how it smells, the weather, how you appear, what you hear, and so on.

Once you have a solid mental image of your preferred world, focus on the high vibratory energy that this provides you. Consider how it makes you feel. While shifting, you want to be surrounded by this type of energy.

It’s okay if your mind wanders; merely catch yourself and refocus on your desired world. It’s also good if you experience tingling and numbness in your arms and legs since you want your consciousness to be alert while your body sleeps. Because of your lack of movement, your brain determines whether you are awake or asleep through tingling and itching.

Affirmations Should be Recited Until you Achieve your Desired Reality.

The final stage in using the raven method is repeating affirmations until you achieve your desired reality. Once you’ve reached 100, try to sleep while repeating affirmations to yourself and imagining your preferred world without moving or opening your eyes.

“I am in my desired reality, I have shifted to my desired reality, and I am finally in my desired reality,” for example. If you feel unprepared when you reach 100, count backwards from 100 to 1 and repeat everything.

You should now “open your eyes” when you realize your surroundings are changing. If you followed all the steps successfully, you should now be in your Desired Reality!

Is Shifting Reality Dangerous?

Is Shifting Reality Dangerous?
Is Shifting Reality Dangerous?

Reality shifting is not particularly dangerous, especially when a script is prepared. Because your physical body is still based on this reality, there is no way to get entirely stuck in your desired world.

The only risk of reality shifting is that, like any other type of escape from daily life, it might become addicted. Make time to be in the here and now rather than spending all of your time in your desired reality.

These things, you see, can be fantastic tools for dealing with life, but in the end, they are only a type of escape, and your issues in this reality will not simply evaporate. So, approach with caution, and utilize this tool for fun but don’t get too caught into your chosen reality.


That being stated, here’s all you need to know about the Raven shifting method. You must create a screenplay, meditate, lie in a starfish position while listening to subliminals, count to 100, and say affirmations until you achieve your chosen state of reality.

You won’t succeed if you don’t believe you can. It all comes down to how much you believe. Keep in mind that we are strong creators with the ability to change our own life.

Happy relocating!