How Many Affirmations Should I Have?

How many number of affirmations should you have per day regardless if you are a novice or a beginner? Find out here.

How many affirmations should I concentrate on in order to achieve the best outcomes the quickest? For the majority of people, the optimal number of affirmations to focus on strongly is between three and five.

When you begin utilizing it, the question of how many affirmations to focus on quickly becomes a frequent one, and in many ways, a dilemma.

If you have a lot of ‘wants,’ it’s easy to become overwhelmed and spread yourself too thin.

There is no set number of affirmations to focus on; rather, there are three distinct techniques to assist you in determining the number to focus on.

When you first begin utilizing affirmations and become aware of your own inner strength, it might be a little daunting.

How Many Affirmations Should I Have?

The vast array of options for who you can be, what you can do, and what you can have in your life sets the mind racing. How to start if you can have anything? Which do you pick first?

Most people try to focus too much on their desires, especially when they are not mentally “fit.” Spreading oneself too thin rarely results in permanent change.

Using affirmations effectively requires a certain level of mental health. A person with more mental fortitude may focus on many goals at once.

5 Common Mistakes People Make

5 Common Mistakes People Make With Affirmations
  1. The Try and See Mentality. You may have heard of affirmations and chosen to “try it out”. The try and see approach is based on uncertainty. Belief suspension and a childlike state of mind are required. Believe in the power of your mind to create anything in your life.
  2. Downloading Lists of Affirmation. This is one of my main issues with affirmations and the online misinformation surrounding them. Many people find lists of mantra and fall in love with the words. Reciting these flowery mantra will never work because they lack specificity and personal connection.
  3. Lack of Clarity. It must be very clear. If you go to a restaurant and ask for something lovely, the server will have no idea what you truly want. The same goes for intentions. Voids do not attract the law of attraction. You must be very specific in your requests. Online generalizations are unhelpful because they lack meaning and specificity.
  4. Not Commiting. When you first decide to change something or pursue a specific goal, you are full of energy. It’s common for us to spend the first week of affirmations with zeal. By week three, most had forgotten. What a task! A strong desire is required to stick with it UNTIL it appears.
  5. Dull Repetitions. The power of affirmations is not in the repetition. It moves your mind, thoughts, and energy. It can be repeated a million times without effect. The affirmation is pointless if your subconscious mind rejects it. Affirmations without passion are useless.

Do I need to focus on a lot of affirmations?

Is there a limit to the number that you should be focusing on? Regardless of the answer, there is no right or wrong. In place of this, there is a right for you, and it is totally up to you to decide what it is.

Do I need to focus on a lot of affirmations?

As a committed and thorough individual, you might easily doc many affirmations at a time.

With affirmations, there are basically three ways to go about it:

  1. One Idea = One Affirmation. Concentrating on a single concept or aim through the use of a single affirmation can be quite powerful. By directing all of your attention and energy on a single goal, you can focus all of your efforts.
  2. One Idea = Multiple Affirmations. You may have a single objective or intention, but write a number of affirmations to assist you in manifesting that objective.
  3. Tons of Idea and Affirmations. If you’re dissatisfied with nearly every aspect of your life, you may feel as though you require a total reboot. You may wish to increase your money and abundance, attract your soulmate, and shed the pounds that have been plaguing you for years.


You should concentrate on as many affirmations as time and energy allow. Ideally, you should spend 15 to 30 minutes with it, three to five times a day.

These should be occasions when you can devote 100% of your attention to your affirmations. You should record them, recite them aloud, or even utter them in front of a mirror.

The critical point is that your affirmations should elicit responses from your thoughts and emotions. It should direct your mental imagery toward the accomplishment or complete state of what you wish to be, do, or have.

You can also recite your it during your NET time (no extra time) when commuting, walking/running, or even while cooking or cleaning.

Too many affirmations regarding too many concepts might cause your energy and attention to be dispersed. Concentrating your efforts and devoting your energy to a single or a few concepts might generate a great deal of energy.

Caution should be exercised when just repeating “positive affirmations.” They are excellent for boosting your general mood and positivity, but they rarely possess the ability to create and manifest.