Money Affirmation for Abundance [2023]

We all want money and we all deserve it. But how can we manifest it? Learn how to use Money affirmation for it

The year 2023 is almost here, and what’s better than manifesting abundance and money? And the best way to do that? Money Affirmations!

As you focus on taking care of your financial self, imagine a future in which you have more than enough of what you need… more than enough money, more than enough savings, more than enough to buy your dream home, fulfill other financial objectives, or whatever that may be for you.

Does it seem impossible? This “more than enough” is precisely what abundance affirmations may assist you in focusing on – creating a vision for your financial life that you can then translate into actionable financial objectives.

What Are Money Affirmations?

Affirmations, in general, are short words about what we wish to believe about ourselves or attract into our lives.

Financial and abundance affirmations concentrate on, you guessed it, money

By repeating these statements, we can shift our existing pattern of unhelpful/unwanted thoughts and feelings about it (out loud is ideal).

To put it another way, merely repeating something enough times will convince us that it is true!

This may include:

  • Persuading ourselves to keep working toward a financial goal
  • Reminding ourselves that we are economically successful.
  • Changing our ideas about what it means to be wealthy
  • Making better financial decisions
  • Getting rid of limiting financial beliefs
  • …and so on.

It is not, however, as simple as verbalizing.

The real secret to success, according to Tony Robbins, is to combine money affirmation with a state shift.

You must get emotionally invested.

Feel what you’re saying, and you’ll be more likely to convince yourself it’s true!

Do Money Affirmations Really Work?

If you are skeptical about the potential of money affirmations to change your financial situation, we recommend that you try them.

But keep in mind that if you follow all of the procedures in this article when using your Law of Attraction Money affirmations, as well as all of the “rules” we will expose, money affirmations will work for you!

You must understand the proper approach to write money affirmations and be consistent while using affirmations for money. We recommend that you utilize Money affirmations every day until you see your money manifest. Money will appear if you do it correctly. As soon as you have succeeded in changing your core negative beliefs regarding money.

If you’re not certain that your underlying ideas about money are causing poor events in your financial life, just take a moment to consider the following: Examine your thoughts and feelings when you hear the term “money.” What are your thoughts? Are you feeling positive emotions like freedom, joy, or happiness? Or are you dealing with anxiety, tension, or negativity?

People that have positive money thoughts, attitudes, and emotions are those who enjoy financial freedom and don’t have any money troubles. People that have predominantly negative thoughts and beliefs (as well as emotions) are the ones who face various money-related issues on a daily basis.

Let’s fix it! Change your financial situation by using money affirmations. Money affirmations actually work, as you will discover! Self-affirmations, according to scientific evidence, work.

Why is your Attitude Toward Money Important?

This is where I always run into trouble with people. They can’t even imagine a brighter future for their financial condition since they’re so focused on the awful things that are happening right now. And the idea that they are unworthy of better.

They get so preoccupied with what their minds tell them about money that their perception that they are incapable keeps them from even trying. However, as you’ll see in the following section, thinking you can is an important element of the jigsaw.

How to Improve Your Financial Situation?

Based on what I’ve seen in my own life and profession, here’s a simple idea of how to improve your financial situation:

  1. Have faith in your abilities.
  2. I’d like to do it.
  3. Believe in yourself.
  4. Find money management resources and tools to assist you.
  5. Recruit individuals to hold you accountable and to cheer you on.
  6. Create good saving habits to help you stay on track.

Of course, feel free to modify it as needed to match your needs.

For the time being, let’s concentrate on #3. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already taken care of numbers 1 and 2 (hoping and wanting to make a difference) on your own – so congratulations!

How Do You Create Money Affirmations?

If you want to reap all of the benefits of money affirmations in your daily life, you must first learn how to write money affirmations correctly. There are a few ground rules to observe.

Rule 1: Create a Money affirmation that will have a positive impact on your mentality by writing it in the present tense.

What exactly do we mean by that? That is, you must write your Money affirmations while you are currently experiencing your affirmation. Many folks make an error in this first stage. They utilize the Future Tense instead of the Present Tense (because they believe they lie to themselves).

So, instead of writing the Money affirmation “I will manifest some money in the future,” write something like “I am ready to begin attracting and manifesting new sums of money.” In this situation, you are not deceiving yourself if you believe you already attract and manifest money. Instead, you persuade yourself that you are ready to begin drawing money right now. You will accept this concept and immediately raise your frequency.

Rule 2: Write your Money assertion in a confident tone.

This is critical because most people do not pay attention to it. People use a lot of positive affirmations every day, but they also use a lot of negative affirmations. What exactly do we mean by that? You should be aware, though, that affirming occurs both consciously and unconsciously.

When you write down your Money affirmations on paper, you are intentionally affirming your affirmations. In this situation, you are actively and meticulously selecting the phrases for your Money affirmation.

Remember that during the course of your day, a slew of unpleasant thoughts may enter your mind. Negative ideas might also be seen as affirmations. Consider yourself walking through a shopping center and gazing at something you can’t afford right now. The first thing that comes to mind is, “Oh, what a shame, I don’t have enough money to buy this.”

Keep in mind that this is also a Money affirmation. However, it is a negative one in this situation. A bad Money affirmation influences your money mindset (it is confirming your negative beliefs about money). That is why it is critical to pay attention to and strive to avoid bad thoughts. More positive money affirmations written in a positive tone promote a positive money mindset.

Rule 3: Include yourself in your Money affirmation.

What is the significance of this? Because you want to change your deeply held views about your financial status. Money affirmations are tremendously powerful, but they only apply to you. Money affirmations will not affect other people’s lives, so don’t even attempt.

Everyone is the architect of his or her own existence. You are the architect of your own life. Take advantage of this by including yourself in your Money affirmation. Allow yourself to imagine a world in which you are fully content with your financial condition. Attract and actualize a situation in which you have complete financial independence. You deserve it, and you may manifest it if you continue to use the Money affirmations. Use phrases like “me, my, mine, I” to involve yourself in your Money affirmation.

Money Affirmations to Attract Financial Abundance

  1. My life is filled with health and wealth.
  2. Abundance is coming, I deserve and accept it.
  3. I accept and receive unexpected money.
  4. I accept and receive unexpected prosperity.
  5. I have more than enough money.
  6. I deserve to make more money.
  7. I am always discovering new sources of income.
  8. Money comes my way in both expected and unexpected ways.
  9. I experience wealth as a key part of my life.
  10. I am capable of overcoming any money obstacles that stand in my way.
  11. I can conquer my money goals.
  12. Today I commit to living my financial dreams.
  13. I want more money. And that’s okay.
  14. It’s easy and natural for me to be prosperous and successful.
  15. I am open to receiving all the wealth life brings to me.
  16. I’m not poor, I’m just low-wealth right now. That is changing.
  17. I’m getting out of my own way when it comes to money.

“I am” Money Affirmation

  1. I am a person who is capable of attracting and manifesting money abundance. 
  2. I am a person who loves money and that love goes in both ways. Because I can feel that money loves me the same way.
  3. I am open to receiving different amounts of money: I welcome big amounts of money, but I am grateful for all money amounts that I’ve attracted and manifested. But I am also grateful for the money I am going to attract and manifest in the future. 
  4. I am worthy of money abundance and I deserve all the money that I’ve already attracted and manifested: I deserve all money I am going to attract and manifest from now on until the end of my life. 
  5. I am already experiencing different abundances- an abundance of love, an abundance of health, an abundance of great friends. That means that I am ready to experience an abundance of money, too. 
  6. I am ready to manifest financial abundance and financial freedom!
  7. I am responsible when it comes to money because I use my money to improve my life and the life of others.

Money Affirmation That Works Fast

  • When I focus on those people who are experiencing money abundance, suddenly more money appears in my life too. 
  • For me, money literally grows on trees. 
  • When I put some effort into something, I get rewarded with some money. 
  • I find money when I least expect it and that makes me feel so good!
  • I am a moneymaker- I make money no matter if I put huge or small effort into things. 
  • As time passes, my money income is increasing. 
  • I find money when I least expect it and that makes me feel so good!
  • I am a moneymaker- I make money no matter if I put huge or small effort into things. 


If money affirmations work, as they say, they provide an effective technique to change our perspective about wealth and encourage it into our lives. In my case, that means convincing myself that my financial goals are genuinely realistic! It could be about changing your attitude about money or opening the door to new and unexpected financial prospects for you.

In any event, I hope the money affirmations in this piece are helpful. Choose the ones that apply to you, repeat them to yourself throughout the day, and it should only be a matter of time until the universe takes notice and begins working in your favor.