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The Law Of Assumptions And How It Can Change Your Life

Law of assumptions can easily change your life for the better. If you want to learn more about it, here’s a quick guide for you!

If you’ve studied any of Neville Goddard‘s teachings, you’ve probably heard him discuss a principle he calls The Law of Assumptions. The Law of Assumptions’ meaning can actually change how you see your life. Let us discuss too how to use the law of assumption.

This principle runs throughout Goddard’s books and is a pillar of his entire ideology.

In this piece, I’ll discuss the basic concept behind this law and give a fantastic lecture by Goddard himself, expressing it in his own words.

How The Law of Assumptions Works: Meaning and Definition

First and foremost, it is critical to comprehend what this regulation entails. Goddard says that the simplest approach to manifest your desires is to just imagine them fulfilled.

The explanation for this is that nothing exists outside of your own awareness, and your entire perception of the universe is a symbolic depiction of where your consciousness is at any one time.

To change anything in your life, you must first modify your views and assumptions about it.

Furthermore, because everything you experience is the outcome of your changing consciousness, Goddard teaches that altering your beliefs and assuming the presence of your want is the only way to achieve your goal. Action is meaningless because the action is a sign of your mental state. The only thing that matters is your transformation in consciousness.

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Finding The Feeling Of Your Desire

To assume the nature of your desire and your law of assumptions, simply imagine that you have already accomplished your goal. Your reality is created by your imagination, and the more vividly you can envision yourself in an experience, the faster you will be able to experience it in the physical world.

Finding The Feeling Of Your Desire

The key here is your intuition. It is not enough to simply consider the desired situation if you do not believe in it in the back of your mind. In order for the exercise to have the desired impact, you must have trust and access to how you believe you will feel once you achieve your goal.

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The Value of Persistence

If you can see yourself in your preferred condition of being, you have already attained your goal.

The physical embodiment of your aim is a secondary reaction, a reflection that you will experience as long as you keep the impression that your wish has been granted.

Most people fail to successfully implement The Law of Assumptions because they do not hold the sensation of their aim long enough for it to come before them. They don’t stick with it, instead of allowing the physical world to convince them that it’s not feasible or possible for them.

Instead, you have the ability to put yourself on a rigorous mental diet, only allowing your chosen experience of the world to affect the assumptions you hold about yourself, and utilizing techniques such as the power of revision to change any appearances that appear to be impeding your progress.

Only when you can keep the emotion going despite all bodily indications to the contrary will you be able to achieve the goal you’ve set for yourself.

Lecture on The Law of Assumption by Neville Goddard, 1969

Listen to an audio recording of Neville Goddard lecturing on the law of assumption in this video. He discusses what this law is and how you can utilize it to do anything you set your mind to!

What Is the Difference Between the Law of Assumption and the Law of Attraction?

When learning about The Law of Assumption for the first time, many people wonder if it is the same as The Law of Attraction.

In fact, it is more comparable to what is generally known as The Law of Vibration, and by viewing these three principles holistically, you can begin to understand them more clearly.

According to the Law of Vibration, you are continually experiencing a physical universe that is an exact match to your current state of consciousness, vibration, and state of being.

The Law of Attraction is a momentum law. Given your present frequency, it determines what energy you will receive. It also reflects how rapidly you are progressing toward your goals or blocking yourself from achieving them.

The Law of Assumption is related to these two concepts since it states that you can always attain whatever goal you set for yourself as long as you assume the sensation (state of being/vibration) of that goal.

In other words, The Law of Assumption is a theory that you may use to assist you to work directly with the laws of vibration and attraction.

People frequently mix up the Law of Assumption and the Law of Attraction.

The assumption law is similar to the Law of Vibration.

Finding The Feeling Of Your Desire

To further comprehend the distinctions between these laws, consider the following:

The Vibrational Law.

You are continually experiencing a physical universe that corresponds to your consciousness and vibration, according to the law of vibration.

The Universal Law of Attraction.

The law of attraction, often known as the rule of momentum, outlines the energy you will experience based on your frequencies.

It also tells whether you are on track to meet your objectives.

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The Assumption Law.

Using the appropriate thinking, you may attract anything into reality, according to the rule of assumption.

The law of assumption states that by leveraging the power of your mindset, you can manifest any goal with very little physical activity. The key secret behind the law of assumption is the power of the mind.

How Does the Law of Assumption of Work

Here we discuss how the law works:

A clear mental state.

Exhale after taking a long breath. Then, eliminate all distracting thoughts from your mind. Remember that self-limiting idea prevent you from seeing your goals and ambitions.

It frequently causes you to question whether you deserve what you presume and manifest. Keep in mind that you deserve blessings despite your imperfections.


Maintain an optimistic attitude. Begin by clearing up your clutter and clearing your head of negative energy.

To gain clarity, try listening to relaxing music or practising yoga.

Understand Your Goals/Desires.

Make sure you are clear about your dreams and desires. It assists in avoiding competing assumptions that may divert your attention away from your aims.

Consider and feel.

The law of assumption is concerned with the realization of your feelings and desires. As a result, you must enter the suitable mood and vibration to experience feelings of fulfillment.


Finally, you must believe that your assumptions are correct. If you hold fears that your goals or wishes are unrealistic, your manifestations will not come true.

To empower yourself, try employing positive affirmations. To cultivate a positive mindset, repeat the law of assumption affirmations numerous times every day.

Examples of Law of Assumptions

Here’s how to apply the law of assumption step by step:

Make a list of your goals/desires.

Begin by articulating the ambitions or goals you want to achieve. If you want to fulfill multiple desires and desires, concentrate on one.

A better strategy is to prioritize your goals and ambitions by making a list of them. Take out a pencil and paper, or open Word, and begin making a list of what you wish to manifest. When writing down manifestations, you can also use the 555 or the 1111.

What Does 1111 or 555 mean?

Now you may be wondering, what are those numbers?

1111 is a master number that brings about a profound understanding of the universe and our place in it. Angel number 1111 indicates self-mastery and understanding of our spiritual connection.

Angel number 1111 represents both enormous problems and amazing opportunities. It has a magnetic energy that draws other like-minded beings that want to improve the world to it.

Because they are knowledgeable and spiritual, people with this number can see at a deeper level than most. They could be here as leaders or educators. During their time on Earth, they will make significant advances in their understanding of spirituality and mankind.

People with this vibration may be drawn to organizations that involve ritual, new age philosophy, or metaphysics. Angel number 1111 frequently appears for those who want to pursue a vocation that demands creativity, wordsmithing, technology, or anything else that requires some aspect of change or transformation.

These people are frequently drawn to persons who are interested in ancient studies, metaphysics, or religious views in relationships. They frequently attract individuals who have high aspirations and are spiritually minded, and they may even form partnerships based on mutual interests.

Spiritual Significance of 1111

This number is the brightest. Circularity and oneness. This number indicates spiritual, physical, and mental equilibrium.

1111 is God’s sign that everything will be okay, so don’t worry.

In numerology, 111 is spiritual. It’s an inspirational number linked with the arts. This number is creative and artsy.

This person is emotionally idealistic. They love passionately. They’ll need affection.

They’re drawn to artists and those in service-oriented professions like teaching or nursing.

1111 is related with aesthetics and beauty in numerology; this individual likes beauty and art and may have a creative streak that reflects in his or her looks.

1111 appreciates high-quality clothing and home decor.

They can also be generous, offering without expecting anything in return. People with this number need to communicate intimately with others to perform well.

1111 life path people prefer initiatives where they can apply their ingenuity (this includes both artistic projects as well as practical ones).

People who see 1111 often must learn there are multiple ways to do work; if they demand perfection, they may miss their dreams.

In short, use 1111 to highlight your desires and believe that it is destined for you.

Use your five senses to accurately explain your goal while using particular descriptions. Keep in mind that the more detailed you are, the easier it will be to achieve your ideal life.

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Visualizing Your Goals

The law of assumption focuses on imagining and visualizing how you want to feel about your goals and desires.

Remember that simply thinking about and writing down your wish is insufficient. If you want to change your life, you must immerse yourself in the sensation of desire.

The law of assumption is based on the concept that your imagination has the ability to alter your reality. So, the more clearly you visualize your goals/desires, the faster you will achieve them.

For example, if you wish to materialize a new home, don’t just imagine any old house.

Beyond that, visualize the precise home you want and how it would feel to live in it.

The more detailed you are, the more likely it is that your dream home will become a reality!

Focus on high-frequency emotions such as passion, happiness, and joy.

Assuming that your desires have been met.

Finally, in order to achieve your goals and ambitions, you must assume that they have already been confirmed.

It suggests that you should live your life and carry out your daily chores as if you’ve already achieved your goal.

You may swiftly create your desire/goal in real life if you cultivate the sense of it in your mind.

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Secrets About the Law of Assumption

The law of assumption is based primarily on scientific information concerning vibrations and energy. Here, we address legal secrets:


Everything exists in some form or another, according to science. Love, happiness, fear, and anger, for example, all contain energy. Energy can also be transformed from one state to another.

As a result, the law of assumptions is not focused on producing anything new. Instead, you manifest something that already exists. As a result, manifestation is a much faster and easier process.


Because each energy produces a particular vibration, it also aids in manifestation. Thus, when two things vibrate at the same frequency, the required energy level is met.

As a result, concentrate on adjusting your frequency to correspond with your goals and dreams.

Final Thoughts

To use the rule of assumption effectively, you must act as if your desires and ambitions are already real. The better you picture the experience, the more likely it is that you will have it.

Make sure you are persistent in your objective. By assuming that you’ve attained your passion and ambitions, you may be confident that the physical manifestation of your desire will follow.

We hope this post has improved your understanding of the law of assumption, how to use it, and how it might benefit you.