Crown Chakra Affirmations for Success, Wealth & Happiness

Crown Chakra Affirmations for Success, Wealth & Happiness

Crown Chakra Affirmation is an easy way to improve your life by focusing on what you want. It brings prosperity, success, and happiness.

I feel it is reasonable to conclude that the majority of people today are in dire need of divine energy and healing. What if I told you that you are already a divine being and that you own the key to obtaining harmony and experiencing boundless wisdom? Have you ever heard of crown chakra affirmations?

That is correct. YOU have the inner wisdom; all you have to do is connect with your spiritual source. This article will teach you all about your chakras. Learn why your crown chakra is so essential, and how to honor the divine within through affirmations.

What is the Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra (Sahasrara in Sanskrit) is the seventh chakra in our seven chakra system, and it is placed on the very top of our heads. This chakra’s emblem is a thousand-petaled lotus, which represents pure white light that illuminates all the other chakras and assists us in reaching our inner wisdom, higher self, and universal awareness (in other words, enlightenment.)

Crown Chakra Affirmations for Success, Wealth & Happiness

All seven chakras are vital for building a deep connection within and removing limiting notions in the body. However, if you are willing to receive its blessings, you can achieve a level of bliss. You can become one with the world by receiving the universe’s teachings.

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Affirmations to Guide Your Surrender to the Unknown 

Because our ideas, attention, and emotions construct our reality, affirmations have a powerful way of creating it.

Is your mind still blown?

So, Consider this: if we pursue happiness, we have the ability to produce a happy life. Surrendering to this level of optimism via head chakra affirmations can generate positive energy that flows through the other chakras, unblocking any imbalances.

When the crown chakra opens, we have the potential to receive divine energy and experience bliss while connecting with our soul’s purpose. Reinforcing crown chakra affirmations can allow our beings to surrender to a greater force, your mission, your truth, and a location that transcends the domain of your body.

Write down your affirmations and keep it visible throughout the day to retain clarity and your deep spiritual connection to it. I also suggest finding a peaceful area to meditate, even if only for 5 minutes! Consider your head chakra affirmation and surrender to the divine insight within.

The Meaning of Om

The crown chakra mantra is “Om” or “Aum” (note that matra is not the same as affirmation). It is traditionally repeated at the start and finish of a yoga practice, but you can always utilize this mantra to connect to your affirmation.

Crown Chakra Affirmations for Success, Wealth & Happiness

Om translates to’source’ or’supreme’ in Sanskrit. Many yogis believe it to be the music of the universe. We physically recognize our connectedness to all beings, the universe, and the divine light of our crown chakra as we sing this mantra with our crown chakra affirmations.

Signs of Crown Chakra Imbalance

I’ve already mentioned the amazing sensation you get when this energy center is open. However, there will be times when your crown chakra becomes obstructed. Whether it comes to identifying when your seventh chakra is out of balance, awareness is essential.

When your crown chakra is overactive, there is too much energy flowing to it, and you may feel divorced from your current reality or superior to others. When it is inactive, not enough energy flows to your crown chakra, and you may feel lost, hopeless, or purposeless.

Here are several methods for identifying crown chakra blockages so you can focus on chakra healing and balancing.

  • Empathy is lacking. This chakra assists us in becoming one with the universe; if we are unable to connect with someone’s predicament in a true sense, this could be an indication of an overactive chakra.
  • Spirituality is my obsession. When you are disconnected from the reality of life or rely solely on divine experiences to lead you, your head chakra becomes overactive.
  • Loss of interest in interacting with others. It is the source of our sense of unity and oneness; feeling disinterested is a sign of an underactive chakra. (Note: Being disinterested is not the same as having an introverted personality.)
  • Possessing gloomy ideas or a pessimistic outlook. If you’re unusually pessimistic or have a negative attitude on life, you may have an underactive crown chakra. Remember that the aim of it is to embody a pure and non-judgmental connection, which is difficult to do if we have a negative mindset.
  • Making room for materialism or avarice. When we are greedy or attached to material belongings, our crown chakra becomes inactive since our higher selves are not defined by money or the material commodities we have on Earth.
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Crown Chakra Affirmations to Embody Your Highest Self

Crown Chakra Affirmations for Success, Wealth & Happiness
  1. I am my most real and finest self.
  2. I am affection. I am the light. I am linked to everything.
  3. I’m at ease.
  4. I am interconnected with the universe.
  5. I let go of uncertainty and accept faith.
  6. I am vibrating at the highest vibratory frequency of love.
  7. I listen to the universe’s wisdom and trust my intuition.
  8. I am a spiritual person incarnated in a physical body.
  9. I am pure, lovely, dazzling light.
  10. I am worthy of heavenly energy’s unconditional love.
  11. I have deep inner serenity.
  12. Everything is linked.
  13. Eternal peace pervades me.
  14. I am willing to let go of my attachments.
  15. I am fully immersed in the current moment.
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The crown chakra serves as your portal to the Universe. Unlike other chakras, the body and mind meet here. Your spirituality, intelligence, consciousness, and enlightenment are all housed in your crown chakra.

So, all the more reason to keep your crown chakra in perfect equilibrium.