Affirmations for Protection

Admit it, we all need protection. Protection from different things and energy in our life. Here are some affirmations for protection.

There is no shortage of things to be concerned about, especially in light of all the crazy that occurs in the world. Make use of these positive affirmations for protection and safety to infuse more loving energy into your daily activities.

These strong affirmations will keep you sane in times of uncertainty and will prevent you from experiencing unnecessary tension since you will know that you are safe and secure in your surroundings.

How To Use Protection Affirmations To Stay Safe

When employing protective affirmations for the first time, select a peaceful place where you won’t be bothered. Put on some headphones and listen to some light ambient music to relax your mind.

I usually go to YouTube and search for “healing energy” or “calming music” and utilize one of the videos I find; there are many amazing channels with positive energy sounds.

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Take a deep breath in and gently exhale. Repeat several times, focusing on your breathing without getting distracted by other thoughts.

Read through the list of protection affirmations one by one, repeating the ones that make you feel the best.

Imagine an invisible protective shield surrounding you that grows stronger with each affirmation you utter, as if you were weaving it with powerful words and sentiments.

Do this on a daily basis, in times of uncertainty, and whenever you begin to worry about your safety.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the protective affirmations I prepared for you!

Powerful Affirmations For Safety

  1. I am completely safe and secure.
  2. Protection comes in my whole family.
  3. I am only open to pleasant things and situations happening to me.
  4. I have faith in the Universe to keep me safe.
  5. Nothing awful can ever happen to me or anyone I care about.
  6. I make the conscious decision to only charge the energy field surrounding me with positive vibes.
  7. Protection always follows and surrounds me wherever I go.
  8. I am entirely well, at peace, and in balance.
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Affirmations for Energy Protection

Maintaining a high frequency and erecting an energetic shield to protect oneself is entirely within your power. Here are some affirmations to help you maintain a happy attitude in the meantime.

  1. It is my intention to purify my mind and body of all negativity.
  2. The powerful positive energy that is always there around me loves and protects me.
  3. I have the ability to purify my own energy.
  4. Love and light fill me to the brim.
  5. The global light I am bathing in is cleansing and reviving me.

Affirmations for Protection Against A Specific Person

In general, I advise against building any affirmations on negativity.

In this scenario, thinking about the person who may hurt you (even if it is simply continual negativity) implies pulling that person’s energy into your life, which is exactly what we want to avoid. Instead, employ more positive affirmations that, by definition, eliminate any potentially dangerous persons from your life.

  1. I’m always surrounded by folks who genuinely care about my well-being.
  2. I exclusively associate with positive people.
  3. Good people and situations only resonate with me because of my high frequency.
  4. In every manner, I am cherished and revered.

However, I understand that you may feel the need to get assurances of safety from a specific person in order to alleviate your anxieties or concerns. That is why, unlike my usual approach, I included a few more specific affirmations below.

  1. I am impervious to and do not absorb other people’s negative energy.
  2. From now on, [person’s name] and I will be traveling in opposite directions. (This suggests that your paths will never meet, but explicitly stating so would be a typical example of poor affirmation practice.)
  3. I relinquish any dread and anxiety that [person’s name] has instilled in me. [He/she] is no longer a part of my life and cannot hurt me.
  4. I release all energetic ties to [individual’s name]. My energy is secure and unaffected by drains.

Affirmations That Are Beneficial To Your Health And Protection

Your subconscious establishes the parameters of your actual existence. Nowadays, neuroscientists such as Joe Dispenza are demonstrating the mind’s power in a variety of research. It demonstrates unequivocally that the positive affirmations we etch into our brain over time invariably manifest in the physical world. This includes defense against external attacks and even disease recovery!

  1. I am physically fit and strong.
  2. I am immune to all forms of disease.
  3. As a result, I place my trust in a greater power to keep me safe at all times.
  4. Healing and regeneration occur quickly in my body since it is a well-oiled machine.
  5. I refuse to let anything bad happen to me in any way.
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Affirmations For Spiritual Protection

  1. I am grateful for the presence of divine protection in my life.
  2. I open myself to the intelligence of the universe.
  3. All of these things are always taking care of me.
  4. As long as I put my trust in the Universe, it will lead me in the most secure direction.
  5. Thank you, God, for the constant presence of heavenly protection.
  6. I am in perfect harmony with my authentic self right now.


There you have it: my 40 positive affirmations for your well-being and protection. They should be used every day and whenever you feel insecure to raise your vibration to a higher frequency and keep yourself and others safe.

So, you should always keep in mind that you have the option of choosing to be safe and not allowing anything negative to happen to you!