Parent Affirmations for Special Child

Affirmations For Parents Of Children With Special Needs

Being a parent to children with special needs isn’t easy but affirmations can help parents be the best they can be. Here’s how.

Affirmations can be effective both immediately and over time for parents of children with special needs. The practice of using affirmations improves the number of positive messages that are received throughout the day. More optimism is something that would be to everyone’s advantage.

Affirmations…what exactly are they?

Positive statements, often known as affirmations, can be verbalized or written down. They have typically condensed sayings that can be utilized on a regular basis over the course of the day. For instance, “I try to make healthy decisions.”

The transformation of negative self-talk into positive self-talk is one of the objectives of affirmations. They are also able to promote a sense of calm both during and after an emergency.

Having a special-needs child didn’t just change you; it transmuted you, transported you to a parallel world with an altered gravitational axis.

Angie Kim, Miracle Creek

Why Should You Make Use of Affirmations as a Parent of a Child with Special Needs?

Affirmations are statements that are intended to redirect one’s attention away from unfavorable ideas, feelings, and behaviors.

When we employ affirmations, we train our minds to concentrate on the favorable and desirable results of various situations. As you continue to repeat the affirmations, you may experience an increase in feelings of serenity, encouragement, and general positivity. Parents of children with special needs can reap the benefits of this uptick in pleasant emotions.

When positive thoughts and feelings become more prevalent, behaviors that further these feelings are more likely to emerge. They can act as a sort of motivation and produce a cycle that is geared toward the purpose of the affirmations.

For instance, if I keep telling myself, “I make healthy choices,” the end goal will be to actually start making good choices. When I finally decide to go with the healthier option, this reinforces in my mind the notion that “I choose the healthier option.” The original affirmation becomes a reality over the course of time as a result of the repeated affirmation and the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that follow from it.

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Another advantage of Affirmations for Parents of Children with Special Needs…

Affirmations are a great tool to use before, during, and after times of stress. Examples of such statements include “I am safe,” “I am in control of my own actions,” “I am doing my best,” and “I am okay.”

Affirmations are a method that can be utilized to improve one’s level of attention.

How Can Parents of Children with Special Needs Benefit from Affirmations?

To begin, consider an aspect of your life that you feel may use some work and write it down. The next step is to consider what form this envisioned improvement could take.

For instance, do you find yourself reaching for comfort food after your child has a temper tantrum? In this particular scenario, you might want to try using the affirmation “I make healthy choices,” which we have been talking about. Having a plan of action already drawn up is another helpful step. Alternately, be more explicit, to begin with. As an illustration, you may say, “When I’m upset, I reach for water and healthy fruits.” There is also the possibility of saying “I am secure” or “I am fine.”

After you have determined the specific element that is causing you concern, you should consider a favorable resolution. What would you like instead? Make the positive part of the statement your affirmation! Parents of children with special needs face a myriad of concerns and difficulties. Your affirmation should start out on a smaller scale while your aim should be larger. Make frequent use of it, and give yourself credit if you spot you using it in the real world!

Parent Affirmations for Special Child

Putting Affirmations Into Practice

You can either repeat the affirmation out loud or think it over and over in your brain. You might also write it down and keep it in a place where you will see it frequently. I like to change the positive affirmation that I have written and post it on the mirror, my bedside table, the refrigerator, and the visor of my automobile. Increasing the frequency with which the affirmation is viewed can also be accomplished by saving it as a screensaver on your computer or smartphone. Particular requirements Affirmations do not have to be time-consuming activities because parents already have a full schedule of things that take up a lot of their time.

You might find it helpful to repeat the affirmation approximately ten times and several times during the day.

Affirmations while Keeping Things in Perspective

Affirmations are not instant miracles, despite popular belief.

They are a method that can be used. They could prove to be of great assistance to you, but that is not guaranteed. Nevertheless, it would not hurt to give them a shot.

If the option you chose at first does not strike a chord with you, look into the other choices. It takes time and some trial and error to figure out which methods of self-care work best for you.

If repeating a positive affirmation will assist lessen the amount of critical and negative thoughts that we have about ourselves, then I consider that a victory.

Affirmations can also assist you in concentrating on the good aspects of the situation as well as the steps necessary to find answers.

If saying positive affirmations causes you to take action and brings you closer to the sensation or outcome you want, then it is a great victory.

When Formulating Your Own Affirmations, It Is Important to Keep These Things in Mind.

  • Maintain your focus on the here and now. Not “I will…” or “I should…” but just “I am…”
  • Make it specific to you and the requirements you have.
  • Try switching between “I” and “You” to discover which one makes you feel more comfortable.
  • Bring some realism to it. Make adjustments to the affirmation if you get the impression that you are deceiving yourself every time you repeat it. I am not advocating fake positivity but genuine positivity instead.
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Affirmations Suggestions for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Therefore, what are some examples of affirmations that parents of children with special needs can begin with? The list that is presented below is here to provide you with some inspiration! Examine each item on the list. Then go with the option that feels most natural to you. You should give it a shot for the next week and then let us know how it worked for you in the comments section below after you’ve used it.

  • I am safe.
  • I am relaxed.
  • I am well.
  • I am ok.
  • I’m good to go.
  • I am making significant progress.
  • This is challenging, but that is fine with me.
  • I am brave.
  • I am putting out my best effort.
  • I ask for help.
  • My requirements are crucial.
  • I have earned this.
  • I take essential pauses.
  • Things are going in the right direction for me.
  • I allow myself some time to relax.
  • I take time for me.
  • My time is of the utmost importance.
  • I cherish my self-care.
  • I am strong.
  • I am capable of dealing with challenging circumstances.
  • I can.
  • My behaviors and thoughts are under my control at all times.

To summarize:

Your toolkit for self-care should include positive affirmations as one of the tools. They are quick, don’t require much effort, and are always there for you to use. What is it that you need to hear more frequently from yourself? Take that into consideration when selecting an affirmation to test out. Then you can continue to use it whenever you need to or you can try a new one.