Positive body image affirmations

40+ Positive Body Image Affirmations

Affirmations can give you a lot of positive. Today, let’s talk about body image. Here are some affirmations that can improve your body image.

Affirmations tap into the power of the Law of Attraction, making them an effective tool for enhancing one’s self-perception and improving their body image. What is the result? You have a more positive perception of your physical appearance and hence make more wholesome choices. You and your body work together as a unit.

The Significance of Having Love for Oneself.

I have also included affirmations for loving oneself because I believe that this is a very vital topic. Even if our society and our environment have an impact on how we view our bodies, it is typically a reflection of how we feel about ourselves as well.

People who do not believe they are deserving of love are more likely to fall prey to the trap of having a negative body image. On the other hand, those who have faith in themselves are essentially immune to the condition.

Positive body image affirmations

One of the statements in the affirmations advises that you should always treat yourself in the same manner in which you would treat your closest friend or another person you love. Before you can accomplish anything else in life, you actually need to get to the point where you can love yourself. The key to lasting joy and success is developing a healthy relationship with oneself. If you work on improving your sense of self-worth, you will naturally acquire a more positive image of your body.


Why does it matter so much to have a positive impression of one’s body? If you have a negative attitude toward your physical appearance, the decisions you make regarding what you eat, how you exercise, and even the people you associate with and the work you do will all be geared toward harming rather than helping your body. Do you really have to be your own worst enemy in order to force yourself to get healthier? Believe me when I say that won’t work!

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A total transformation in how you feel about yourself can occur as a result of using positive affirmations to change your perception of your body. You will be shocked at how quickly your eating routines improve when you have made the commitment to love your body and to make actions that are caring toward your health. You will workout so that you have a positive mood and so that you may celebrate what your body is capable of.

You’re going to be overjoyed to see how it affects other aspects of your life as well. When you love yourself, you will find that you are able to show greater love to the people around you. Not to mention the confidence boost, which can help you take both your personal relationships and your professional life to the next level!


I have a lot of clients who are really looking forward to our meeting so that they can acquire a personalized meal plan that will assist them in reaching their dietary and health objectives. However, it seems like there is something that is preventing them from moving forward. A lot of individuals numb their feelings with food rather than dealing with the issues that are causing them. In addition to its role as a source of sustenance, it can also play the role of a reward or a punishment.

When it comes to their eating routines, I always encourage my clients to consider not only the “what” and the “when,” but also the “why” and the “how,” as this can help them disentangle some of the knots that are keeping them from sticking to their healthy eating plan. Sometimes some of their self-sabotage and resistance is coming from a place where they are beating up on their body rather than working with it and appreciating it. This is not the best way to go about things.

Is it any surprise that you don’t see a good change in the way your body develops when you spend the entire day thinking unfavorable ideas about it?

Positive body image affirmations

The key to successfully applying the principles of the Law of Attraction is to direct one’s attention toward that which one desires, rather than toward that which one does not. Dwelling on the things about yourself that you dislike only serves to cement them in your mind and keeps you stuck in a rut, regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight, lose fat, or gain muscle… whatever the case may be, dwelling on the things that you do not like about yourself only serves to make you feel worse about yourself.

A better perception of your physique can be achieved by daily positive affirmations. Your ideas will be more receptive to the power of positive thinking as a result of this. What you give your attention to grows to become your new reality, which might be you becoming healthier and happier.

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Choose seven affirmations that speak to you the most from the following selection. Put them in writing, and make sure to read them aloud to yourself in the morning and before going to bed each night.

The most effective ways to harness the power of positive thinking are to use affirmations first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You are more than welcome to speak your affirmations to yourself whenever you feel the need for an increase in self-esteem or positivity, or if you would like to repeat them more frequently.

Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Body Image

Here are some helpful affirmations you can use to improve your body image.

Affirmations for Self-esteem and Worth.

  • I am more than sufficient.
  • I am complete.
  • I treat myself the same way I would treat a best friend or someone I care about.
  • Negative thoughts will do me no good.
  • Positive self-talk makes me joyful, so I do it.
  • Before I can assist others, I must first help myself.
  • I’m in love with myself.
  • I am deserving of the best.
  • I, like everyone else, deserve to be loved and admired.
  • It feels fantastic to take care of myself.
  • I may have bad thoughts about myself from time to time, but these are not my identity.
  • Self-care is not self-indulgent, and me time is not a waste of time.
  • I am not my mind, and I mute the portion of my mind that tells me I am insufficient.
  • I am content with who I am.
  • I respect myself, and others do as well.
  • My self-worth is not determined by my appearance.
  • My happiness is entirely my responsibility.
  • I choose to believe in myself every morning when I get up.
  • My time is spent with those that love, support, and encourage me.
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Positive Body Image Affirmations

  • I am one-of-a-kind.
  • I am stunning and self-assured.
  • Modern beauty standards are unattainable.
  • My body is a lovely temple.
  • I deserve to be loved by people regardless of how I appear.
  • People admire me for my distinct attitude and personality.
  • I decide what beauty is.
  • I never make comparisons to others.
  • I’ve overcome my insecurities and become the most confident I’ve ever been.
  • My physicality does not define who I am.
  • I concentrate on what I enjoy about myself.
  • I appreciate my body type.
  • My body is a blessing.
  • I’m perfect just the way I am.
  • If I prefer to work out, I do so to feel better about myself, not to punish myself.
  • Being happy will make me happy; having unreasonable expectations will not.
  • I am thankful for the passage of time.
  • People don’t care since I’m the only one who judges myself.
  • Happiness is the most beautiful gown I can put on.
  • I am more than simply my physical body.

Healthy Eating Affirmations

  • I prefer to feed my body what it needs.
  • I have greater energy, power, and vitality when I eat the correct foods.
  • My mood improves when I eat the correct foods.
  • Healthy foods taste great.
  • I drink more water and keep myself hydrated.
  • I enjoy eating natural, nutrient-dense meals.
  • The more I practice healthy eating, the easier it will become.
  • Fuel is food.
  • My body craves nutritious foods.
  • I take care of my body by eating well and sleeping enough.
  • Although unhealthy food may taste nice, my health is always a priority.


I have faith that saying these affirmations will assist you in elevating your sense of self-worth and teaching you to finally fall in love with your body. A nice reminder that if you are battling with a very negative image of your body, you shouldn’t be scared to ask for help if you can find it. Talking through your experiences and emotions with a therapist can be of tremendous benefit to the patient.