20+ Positive Birth Affirmations

20+ Positive Birth Affirmations

Ready to give birth? Here are some of the best birth affirmations you can use to get through your labor smoothly.

Are you prepared to give birth to a child that brings you an overwhelming sense of excitement, joy, and love? I am aware that this is not the norm; but, it is entirely and completely conceivable. These birth affirmations can assist you in cultivating a constructive frame of mind in preparation for the trip that you are about to set out on.

Your frame of mind plays a very essential part in how you face difficult situations and how you respond to issues. When you have mastery of your mentality, it can be EASY to do the things that lead to a wonderful and unparalleled delivery experience. This is in stark contrast to the stories of tension and anxiety that appear to be the norm in this day and age.

After spending years engaging in conversation with expectant mothers, I can say with absolute certainty that one’s frame of mind is an important factor. Are you prepared to go? Let’s get started.

Why Is It Necessary to Make Birth Affirmations?

A significant number of expectant mothers are unaware of the fact that their bodies come equipped with a natural pain management system that is intended to ‘activate’ itself throughout the process of giving birth. In point of fact, this hormonal system is anywhere from 18 to 35 percent more effective than morphine at reducing pain.

However, many women in today’s society do not have access to this method of pain treatment during labor and delivery. It’s not because their bodies are incapable of doing it; rather, it’s because the emotional states that are required for a woman to have in order for the hormones that cause this natural pain relief to flow abundantly aren’t there.

Anxiety, worry, fear, panic, aggravation, annoyance, frustration, anger, rage, emotional numbness, shutting down, sadness, and hopelessness… These are all examples of different types of stress that are typical during the labor and delivery process.

These feelings cause the body to produce chemicals like cortisol, which interfere with the natural pain relievers that are produced by the body.

Therefore, even if the saying “the body achieves what the mind believes” may sound trite, it is frequently accurate when discussing the process of giving birth.

When it comes to preparing for delivery, one of the reasons why many mothers want to take a high-quality childbirth course that helps them create the mental and physical tools to get them from the beginning to the end is because this is one of the reasons why.

A powerful, optimistic mindset, along with good birth affirmations, can actually assist you have a birth that is less painful.

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What Exactly Are Birth Affirmations, Anyway?

What Exactly Are Birth Affirmations, Anyway?

Positive birth affirmations are statements that you make to yourself regarding the birthing process and about yourself. They are meant to serve as a gentle reminder of a fact that will assist you in achieving your objective of having a pleasant birth experience. They remind you of something you already know but may have forgotten, therefore confirming your knowledge. Alternately, they may offer a remark that is more factual and grounded in realism in place of a widely held myth or mistake regarding birth.

You are not the only one who feels overwhelmed by the birthing process. A lot of mothers wonder whether or not they will be able to get through it and what it will take for them to succeed. In point of fact, overcoming one’s own self-doubt is an essential component of the process of giving birth. When it comes to their own birth, everyone has some degree of self-doubt.

Affirmations about your birth can help you become more courageous and take action toward achieving your goals. They give you the confidence you need to ask for the help you know you are entitled to receive. They give you the confidence to believe that the visions you have had about your birth can become a reality. And finally, but certainly not least, they help you make the commitment to yourself to make decisions that are in the best interest of both you and your baby during the entire birthing process.

How Do You Put Birth Affirmations Into Practice?

Some mothers are unsure about how to put birth affirmations into practice. Affirmations are effective because they assist in the reprogramming of one’s ideas regarding both himself and the labor and delivery process. Because your ideas determine your actions, the only way for there to be genuine change is for you to think differently.

Reading positive statements aloud is an effective form of using affirmations. However, if you can connect an emotion to them, you will see even more impressive outcomes. You may maximize the benefits of your birth affirmations by employing this strategy.

  • Continue reading the affirmations until you find one that resonates with you on a deeper level.
  • Consider the following: if I truly embodied that assertion, what would that look like?
  • Ask yourself, “What would it FEEL like if I embodied that affirmation?” and really focus on answering that question.
  • How would anything like that affect the rest of my life?

If you simply read your affirmations, you won’t get nearly as much benefit from them as you would if you followed this straightforward approach instead. You will develop an emotional connection with the experience you are attempting to create, and this connection will assist you in manifesting it into a reality in your life.

Birth Affirmations to Use Before Labor Starts.

  • My future self appreciates the effort I put into making my birth a positive experience today.
  • I have the ability to do all of my tasks for today.
  • I have the ability to alter my story.
  • I accept myself entirely and utterly as I am.
  • I am fearless and courageous.
  • I let go of shame and guilt in order to live and give birth in joy.
  • Perfectionism is a deception. I give myself permission to begin sloppy.
  • I am pleased with myself.
  • I have faith in my body.
  • I appreciate the time, energy, and work I put in for a happy birth experience.
  • The ability to bear children is a blessing.
  • I was made to give birth. My body and my child both know what to do.
  • All of the strength I require is within me.

Early Labor Birth Affirmations

  • This is the day I’ve been looking forward to. I am prepared.
  • My mind is at ease. My body is at ease.
  • I have faith in my body. I have faith in my child. I have faith in my birth.
  • I’m ok. My child is secure.
  • I was made to do this.
  • My baby is getting closer to meeting me with each contraction.
  • I pay attention to my body.
  • My child and I are collaborating.
  • My body knows exactly what to do, and I believe it.
  • I can and will embrace and welcome labor if I am open and surrender.
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Affirmations for Childbirth.

Once you’re in full swing with contractions, you’ll need words to help you cope with the intensity of labor. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work, read ‘What Does A Contraction Feel Like?’

  • I know I can do it because I’m doing it.
  • I can’t avoid it; I must go through it.
  • My kid and I are surrounded by love.
  • Please be present.
  • Inhale capability. Breathe out any opposition.
  • I’ll never have to do contractions like that again.
  • Every contraction gets me one step closer to my child.
  • Women from all across the world are giving birth with me right now.
  • My body relaxes, my mind calms, and my baby descends.
  • My instincts are reliable and will guide me to my baby.
  • It is my birthright to celebrate my birth.
  • With each contraction, I bid farewell to the part of myself that couldn’t do it.
  • I am more powerful than I ever dreamed.
  • I have a say and the ability to choose.
  • My body understands what it is doing. I was born to do this.
  • I concentrate on the present moment.
  • Fear is a deceiver.
  • My physique is capable and powerful.
  • Each wave serves a certain function.

Birth Affirmations for Pain Management

One thing to keep in mind is that women suffer varying degrees of discomfort during birth. These pains might range from feeling like an intensive workout to being uncontrollable and unbearable.

These disparities are more than merely points of opinion. Baby location within your pelvis, hip flexibility, and other factors can all affect how hard your body needs to work to get a baby out of your body.

This is why, in my childbirth course, Birth Undone, I teach moms how to minimize pain levels and cope with pain.

And now for some affirmations to help you cope with delivery pain:

  • Ride the swells.
  • I can do it because I am already doing it.
  • It can’t last indefinitely. Babies are always present.
  • My contractions will never be more powerful than I am. They are identical to me.
  • For ten seconds, I can accomplish anything. Count from one to ten. Repeat.
  • When I feel I can’t do it, I know I’m almost there.
  • Pain is a natural part of the healing process. I just let it be. I’m sure it’ll be over shortly.
  • Surges are something I enjoy. I’m not going to fight them.
  • I seek out and sink into the breaks.
  • Pain gives you power. Pain equals progress. My baby is brought to me by pain.
  • There is nothing to be afraid about.
  • She felt she could and did so.
  • Change brings about change.
  • I reach through heaven and hell, life and death, and bring fresh life to this planet with each contraction.
  • My body manifests what my mind envisions.
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Pushing Birth Affirmations

  • I am eager to meet my child.
  • My vagina will give birth to a child.
  • I continue to breathe. I continue to unwind. I pay attention to my body.
  • The baby will arrive pretty shortly.
  • She’s about to turn a corner.
  • To keep my body safe, I slow down and take my time.
  • I need to meet my baby RIGHT NOW!

Courage Affirmations

  • I make my own life and birth.
  • With each passing day, I gain more and more confidence.
  • My birth is rife with possibilities.
  • I am capable of encouraging myself regardless of the conditions.
  • It’s not impossible just because it’s difficult. I’m confident in my abilities.
  • I gracefully yield to the process of life creation.
  • I am confident that I possess all of the skills, talents, and abilities required to give birth to my child.
  • I am pleased with myself.

Birth Affirmations for Fathers and Other Birth Partners

  • I am very proud of you.
  • You are powerful.
  • Depend on me.
  • I agree with you.
  • You’ve got this.
  • I have faith in you.
  • Allow me to assist you further.


Birth is an event that you will remember for the rest of your life. Similarly like a wedding, the memories made during this journey will provide you joy for many years to come.

It is entirely possible to have a happy birth experience.

Yes, it is difficult. Yes, it will push you to your limits. But, yeah, it can be a fantastic experience.

So, have the guts to go after what you want and give birth in the way that feels right to you!