15 Heart Chakra Affirmation to Help You Feel Better

You can use these heart chakra affirmations to boost your self-esteem and feel better about yourself. Get ready for a big change!

Heart chakra affirmations are a powerful approach to motivate you on your yoga journey of self-discovery.

They supplement the positive, peaceful attitude that meditation cultivates.

Use these 15 powerful heart chakra affirmations to awaken unconditional love for yourself and others, as well as to open your heart to healing from past relationships and patterns that may be holding you back.

With heart chakra affirmations to utilize in your daily practice, you can unlock the true power of loving-kindness.

What is the Heart Chakra?

The fourth chakra, located in the heart of the chakra system, influences our ability to act compassionately, forgive, love, and be loved.

Green represents the heart chakra, which is located in the center of the chest.

It is thought to be the link between our earthy and spiritual selves, facilitating transformation and unity.

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Anahata chakra, when in balance, guides us on a life path motivated by purpose and aligned with our highest spiritual potential.

Heart chakra energy enables us to create meaningful relationships with others while pursuing our most desired goals.

Affirmations To Heal & Open the Heart Chakra

The neuroscience behind our modern use of affirmations. Positive affirmations, according to researchers in this field, are helpful for enhancing wellbeing, lowering stress, and making people more amenable to behavioral changes.

That’s fantastic!

This is referred to in yoga as mending negative samskaras and eliminating blockages in the subtle body.

Affirmations can direct your thinking toward productive, good thoughts and bring you inner serenity.

The beauty of heart chakra affirmations is that you may use them at any time to remind yourself of your desires or to boost your confidence in your abilities to create them.

Heart chakra affirmations, in particular, can help you connect with the pure love, compassion, and harmony that resides in your heart core.

You may ask, “Isn’t that the mantra?”.

While both mantras and affirmations are short statements used to guide our awareness and aid healing, they differ slightly.

Mantras emphasize meaning and tone, with the goal of creating a vibrational frequency that aligns your purpose, chakras, and the cosmos.

Affirmations are phrases that connect your ideas to the life you want to live. More information on how to utilize healing affirmations with the chakras may be found in my main post on affirmations.

Here are some pointers for using powerful heart chakra affirmations to open and repair the heart chakra:

  • Consider your heart chakra. Consider the color green to be circulating here, calming any sickness or imprisoned energy.
  • Consider the bright, green light streaming through your upper and lower chakras, as well as into the area around you.
  • As you feel the flow of energy through your heart center, mentally repeat your heart chakra affirmations.
  • Put your hand on your heart to strengthen your connection to the energy here.

Self-Love & Selfless Love

When was the last time you had a conversation with your soul?

It is critical to maintaining a constant dialogue with your innermost being in order to discover what you genuinely require, desire, and wish for.

Only when we can really love what we discover deep inside ourselves will we be able to love others selflessly — to celebrate their accomplishments, care about their hardships, and give without expecting anything in return.

If you find it difficult to give selflessly, ask yourself the following questions first to check in with yourself:

  • Do you love yourself completely?
  • Do you think you deserve to be happy?
  • Do you surround yourself with people who share your values?
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Symptoms of Heart Chakra Blockage

A blocked heart chakra can have an effect on the entire body. If your heart chakra is out of harmony, you may have physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual symptoms.

Physical difficulties in many organs, such as the heart and lungs, can result from blocked energy in the heart chakra.

Blockages may also impact the chest, arms, and hands, which are home to the major routes of heart-energy circulation. Here are several indicators that your heart chakra is blocked and that it is time to heal:

  • Upper back, shoulder, arm, or hand muscle ache
  • Cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure, arrhythmia, and poor circulation
  • Lack of self-assurance You may know what you want to achieve, but you doubt your ability to carry it out.
  • Concerns with trust and closeness You may be resistant to relying on others to show up for you for fear of being let down, or you may have problems receiving affection.
  • Codependency is a type of relationship addiction in which you engage in compulsive caregiving in order to feel “needed.”
  • You keep grudges. Forget forgiveness and forgetting! You have difficulties letting go of your rage and other negative emotions.

15 Heart Chakra Affirmations for Unconditional Love

  1. I love myself exactly as I am right now.
  2. I appreciate both my strengths and my flaws.
  3. I forgive and unconditionally love every aspect of myself.
  4. My heart is thankful, and my spirit is at ease.
  5. In the globe, I am a great force of loving energy.
  6. I am filled with bravery.
  7. My passion for life serves as my compass.
  8. I am love, peace, and light.
  9. I let go of my self-criticism and self-doubt.
  10. With grace and ease, I achieve balance.
  11. My heart is completely free, loving, and pure.
  12. I am deserving of caring, loving, and supportive partnerships.
  13. I prefer joy and compassion to judgment.
  14. I simply and unconditionally give and receive love.
  15. I am deserving of abundance.
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Wrap It Up

Being emotionally open can increase your relatability to others and, as a result, deepen your relationships. To protect yourself against emotional tiredness and overexposure, it’s critical to have a healthy understanding of the energy you give and receive.

This implies an overactive heart chakra, putting you at risk for codependency.

Take some time to think about this before beginning to practice heart chakra affirmations, and focus on affirmations that promote balance in your life.

When you do this, you will tap into an endless stream of love that never runs out.